Beef Sales

Our grass fed, lightly grained cattle are born and raised on our pastures in Carling and Whitestone Township.

Currently we have about 120 cattle (Simmental-cross breed).
Routine antibiotics, growth hormones and rendered animal by-products are never used. However, if an animal is sick or injured, proper care is provided.
The cattle are butchered locally in a provincially inspected abattoir. The frozen meat is sold directly at the Farm and is also available in some local stores.

Our Products:

  • Sides: Quarter, Half or Full
  • T- Bone, Sirloin, Rib Steaks
  • Wing and Blade Steaks
  • Roasts
  • Ground and Stewing Beef
  • Hamburger Patties
  • Soup Bones
  • Dog Bones

Summer BBQ and Winter Packages, Or Create your own!

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Price List:

Our products are available frozen only.

Product price/kg price/lb
T-Bone, Sirloin, Rib Steaks $26.80/kg $12.20/lb
Wing and Blade Steaks $22.60/kg $10.30/lb
Roast $21.00/kg $9.55/lb
Ground beef or stew $13.90/kg $6.30/lb
Patties $14.80/kg $6.70/lb
BBQ-Package(Assorted steaks, patties, ground beef, roast) $188.00/10kg




Winter-Package(Assorted steaks, ground beef, stew, roast, patties) $151.00 /10kg $68.60/22lb
Side or quarter of beef:    
¼ Side ca 75kg (165lb) 14.20/kg $6.45lb
½ Side ca 150kg (330lb) 14.20/kg $6.45lb

(Packages vary in weight and price)
50% Deposit on order (cash or check)

We are booking spring orders in January and fall orders in August.

Cash only

Price list as per November 1, 2018.  Prices are subject to change without notice.