About W-Ranch

The Privately owned W-Ranch is located on 270 acres overlooking Georgian Bay in Carling Township.


Green pastures surrounded by a mixed forest offer peaceful surroundings for our horses and cattle.

The Waefler Family (Peter, Renate, Chris, Monika) arrived in 2000 in Canada in the company of 6 Swiss Warmblood horses, a dog and a dream to build a horse and cattle ranch. After almost 2 decades they established a thriving Equine Centre and Beef Farm.

Christian Waefler, Owner
An FEI Level 3 Coach who is certified in dressage & jumping. Chris coaches the advanced riders, the W-Ranch Event Team as well as eventing himself. As a trainer of young stock, his gentle methods, compassion and consistency produce calm, level headed horses for any discipline.
Peter Wafler, Owner
Peter grew-up on a mountain farm in Switzerland, where they still were haying with the help of horses and transporting the milk to the nearest town with horse and buggy.
Peter studied Farmer, Blacksmith and Iron worker. He always had a dream to go abroad and have his own farm.
Renate Wafler, Owner
The city-girl Renate always loved gardening and animals. In her youth she spent most of her vacation on farms and then married a farmer. As a young mother Renate went back to school to learn more about the things she loves to do. At W-Ranch she is responsible for all the beautiful flowers around the property and delicious smells from the kitchen.

Jill Perkins - EC Instructor – Friend
Jill is a part of the W-Ranch team since 2012
Jill, a certified Instructor of Beginners, is continuing her education to become a Competition Coach. Jill has worked in the horse industry for over 20 years and brings to her students an understanding of various teaching methods that benefit both rider and horse.